THE CALL: Ephesians 4:1-6

Local Cairns Pastor Dave Drage is responding to a call on his life to GO and ENCOURAGE the churches of
Australia. Dave’s physically walking approximately 14,500km of National Highway One around Australia. While visiting the towns and cities along the route, he will share with churches and communities this simple Christian Gospel message, ‘’It’s time. The Kingdom is here!”
•    Rise Together – showing our nation that Jesus is our King, our country’s hope and future.
•    Stand Together – in unity declaring Jesus as the head of His Church in all its diversity and many parts.  
•    Act Together – to function as the body of believers that Christ has called us into.

Dave explains it like this:

“While we can all sit around and discuss until the cows come home what the church is not doing, how messed up parts are, the hurts, the pain and the sin. We cannot change the simple fact that we the body of believers – HIS CHURCH, are the pure spotless bride Jesus died, rose again and is returning for. It’s time to arise, wake up, dust ourselves and our brothers and sisters off, and press on to not just see the  fields ready for harvest, but to actively participate in the Kingdom works our loving Father has called us all to do together! This nation of Australia and its entire people walking with Jesus in the salvation, love, peace and freedom that only comes through embracing the Gospel of Jesus Christ”.
-Dave Drage

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History Makers Interview
with Dave & Shelly Drage

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