Feb 2018 - And up the range we go…

A month can be as long or as short as you make it and the past month for us has proven to fly by.
We left our beautiful friends Jack & Norma in Cairns having stayed a little longer than expected, after some heavy rains which delayed our journey.  Dave took this time to finish his climb up the Kuranda range, which he said was like “playing frogger”!  As well as dodging trucks and cars, we also took the time to walk around Kuranda, pray and meet some of the locals.  One time that stands out was being invited to pray for a lady’s situation in one of the take away shops.  She had shared some of her struggles with life, said I’m not religious but still wanted prayer.  We witnessed God touch her, she even said that she felt like a warm hug and tingling happened during the prayer.  How cool is God!!  We love these personal one on one encounters when the Father brings the Kingdom. There are some quaint churches in Kuranda and one was open, the stained-glass windows were spectacular.
From there we had an invite to the minister’s fraternal meeting in Mareeba and arrived just in time with the van in tow.  Dave was told at the Fraternal meeting that a man from Mareeba- John, had just driven around Australia and felt to stop in every town and blow a shofar. It turns out that he travelled the same route that we are going.  A shofar is a ram’s horn formerly used by Jews as an ancient battle signal and now used in religious ceremonies.  Christians use them often as a sign of warfare or to sound a call to repentance, John felt the Lord told him to do this so was obedient and off he went with his wife and son in a motor home.  It was fantastic to spend time with them and see some photos of their trip and what God had done.
We hadn’t made any set plans of where to stay when we arrived but knew God would open something up and He didn’t disappoint.  The Royals Church let us camp in their grounds, it has a bush setting and even nice hot shower and a toilet available to us.  We are so thankful to Pastor Jeff, Vicki and the church for offering us such great hospitality.
Every day we had something on in Mareeba, Dave met with a lot of the church leaders, school chaplain, and others in the community. We went to the National Day of Prayer & Fasting, preaching, bible study groups, mowing lawns, worship days, devotions at the MAF base, baptisms, and lots of walking was involved.  A few of stand outs were a prayer walk organised by United Walk with Jesus around the town with the church leaders and some of the church members. Spending time in one of the Indigenous Churches that Dave preached at (we loved their worship very special), watching six new believers be baptised with signs & wonders happening in the water, seeing some youth at a church released to pray as the ministry team after Dave’s preach. We also had some fun putting a video together for the Endeavour Christian College in Cooktown, as the year 3 / 4 class follow us on the tracker.
It’s been exciting to see how God has opened doors for us to step into, as we arrived with no plans but to see what we would be invited into.  That’s what we are both feeling to do on the walk, to either be embraced or to keep walking, knowing that God has gone before us and put everything into place.
Dave’s fitness is proving much better than we thought it would be with him pulling up relatively well after each walk.  Now he is averaging 15kms a day.  We know this distance will increase as he gets fitter and we get more remote.  Keep checking into the tracker on the website so you know where we are.
We have arrived in Atherton, but will leave it here for now, stay tuned for more of our adventures next month 😊