First Steps - 2nd Dec 2017

Launch Day 3.2.1 .GO!!!
The day is finally upon us – Launch Day for United Walk with Jesus!!  We gathered at the Cairns Esplanade and shared a BBQ breakfast.  To spur us on were a group of supportive pastors and friends from Cairns.  We shared some time in prayer and even received a prophetic song played by Peter on his saxophone.  Then it was time to hit the pavement.  It felt like the hottest day we’ve had to date, but that didn’t deter our stamina for getting out there.  Dave had a few followers being Shelly & Zoe, Norma, Mon, Tyler and Adrian.  The heat got the better of most of us especially Zoe, and we turned back.  Angelo and Seth would have been a welcome site midway with their refreshing drink! Dave & Adrian went the distance and walked to the destination Smithfield shops.  Legends!!!
Tomorrow it’s upward and onward Kuranda Range awaits...